Wave of Darkness – lag, freezes

Wave of Darkness - lag, freezes

Getting rid of the problems if Wave of Darkness lag, inhibits, Friesen.

The reason for the lag is a poor optimization Wave of Darkness under different hardware and overall optimization of the game, because of this and there are the brakes, even on the best models of PCs.
It is worth noting that some do not bother lags in Wave of Darkness, ostolnye and because of this can not be comfortable to play.
That did not make the developers as usual will make fans of the game, now there is a Patch Fix that solves the problem of optimization in Wave of Darkness and brakes prekraschayuitsya. If you have a computer powerful enough for a normal game.

Download: Wave of Darkness Patch Fix v.1.01

Installation: Follow the instructions of the installer, specify the folder with the Wave of Darkness

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