Prison Architect not started – Fix

Prison Architect
During the launch of Prison Architect not started, crashes to the desktop.

Prison Architect has problems, such as A large number of users have similar problems is a Prison Architect, problems are in the game, or rather it is compatible with your computer, or the version of drivers and of course the classic bugs.

Currently ready Patch Fix, which solves a lot of errors and correct the game starts off.

Download: Prison Architect Fix v.1.01

Installation: Standard, during installation, specify the folder Prison Architect
List of fixes patchfix:
– Fixed optimization for different operating systems, when the Prison Architect does not run on Windows 7 and Windows 8
– Fixed a compatibility issue when Prison Architect does not start, crashes at startup
– Fixed a bug where NPCs do not move
– Fixed bug when Prison Architect crashes to the desktop
– Fixed a bug where textures are displayed incorrectly on some video cards
– Fixed “stopped the work of the program” and Prison Architect crashes during game

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