How to fix Fallout 4 – lag, brakes, freezes

Fallout 4 - lag, brakes

In this article we will know what to do if Fallout 4 lag inhibits freezes.
The reason for the lag is a curve optimization Fallout 4 for different drivers and optimization of the whole game, because of this and there are the brakes, even on the best models of PCs.
It is worth noting that some do not disturb the brake in Fallout 4 and the other because they can not normally pass game.
What do developers do not usually make the fans of the game, already has a patch fix main task is to optimize the correction in Fallout 4 and the brake. If your PC is powerful enough for a comfortable game.

Download: Fallout 4 Patch Fix v.1.11

Installation: Follow the instructions of the installer, specify the folder Fallout 4
List of changes:
Fixed optimization in Fallout 4, resulting in significantly increased FPS, missing brakes and hang of the game.
Fixed conflict games and drivers from causing the game simply crashed.

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