Fallout 4 – Weapons unobtainable.

Fallout 4 - Weapons unobtainable.

I pass the mission of reunification in Fallout 4. talking with Valentine after a battle with the bald scarred, he went out of his quartic. Save a little ran down the Diamond City and tried to get a gun. Nothing. I create all sorts of things, but do not get guns. If you approach the friendly NPCs, and you look at it, then there is a line of ammunition, but nothing more. Sometimes I hear the sounds of weapons, but also nothing more. Now the game is impossible. Starting at first did not see the point. Are there similar cases? Any treatment?

Known nuisance problem in Fallout 4 usually has a direct relationship with the successful optimization is not a game or a curve version crack.
Treated Fix install the patch, which eliminates this problem once and for all.
Installation: Follow the instructions of the installer, specify the path to the Fallout 4
Download: Fallout 4 patchv.1.1.80
P.S. Just exit the game, for that would become the patch correctly

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