DRAGON QUEST HEROES – lag, freezes, brakes

DRAGON QUEST HEROES - lag, freezes, brakes

During the game in DRAGON QUEST HEROES felt that the game is very much lag, brakes and sags on FPS.

The first thing you need to check your PC performance.

For this we use powerful software TweakBit PCSpeedUp – it is recommended, as a better for games on the PC
Download: PCSpeedUp

If PCSpeedUp did not help get rid of the freezes, the problem in the game.

The reason for the lag is a poor optimization DRAGON QUEST HEROES for different drivers and overall optimization of the game, because of this and there are the brakes, even on high-end models PC.
Most interesting is that some do not bother friezes in DRAGON QUEST HEROES, ostolnye and because of that can not normally pass game.
Usually errors creators of the game rule themselves fans of the game, already has a patch fix that solves the problem of optimization in the DRAGON QUEST HEROES and problems with lags disappear. If you have a computer powerful enough for a comfortable game.


Mirror: File Sharing
Installation: Follow the instructions instollyatora, specify the folder with the game
List of fixes:
Fixed optimization DRAGON QUEST HEROES, as a result of significantly increased FPS, missing lag and hang of the game.
Fixed conflict games and drivers from causing the game simply crashed.

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