BlazBlue Centralfiction – Black screen

BlazBlue Centralfiction - Black screen

Update to BlazBlue Centralfiction solves the problem with a black screen at startup.

First thing to check for all drivers.

First, you need to check your PC for dll libraries and other errors.
Download: PСKeeper

You must click “Fix Items”. PСKeeper check all the “dll” files needed for the game.
If the drivers are installed go further.
UpDate 1.1.32 adds content to the game and does not influence the game mechanics.
-UpDate 1.1.32 It helps the game to determine the different types of graphics cards and drivers for them. The result it solves the problem with a black screen in the BlazBlue Centralfiction.

Download – UpDate 1.1.32_BlazBlue Centralfiction: Torrent file

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