Anno 2205 – Lag, friezes, brakes

Anno 2205 - lag, friezes, brakes

During the game Anno 2205 you will notice that the game is much lag, brakes and sags on FPS.
The reason for the lag is a curve optimization Anno 2205 under different hardware and optimization of the whole game, it becomes a cause lags and friezes, even top models PC.
The most interesting is that half of the players did not notice the brakes in Anno 2205 and the other because they can not properly enjoy the game.
Usually schools creators of the game rule themselves fans of the game, already has a Patch Fix main task is to optimize the correction in Anno 2205 and brakes prekraschayuitsya. If you have a hardware powerful enough for a comfortable game.

Download: Anno 2205 FIX v.1.20

Installation: Follow the instructions instollyatora, specify the folder with the game

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